Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Curtis Institute Rehearsal

In preparation for our 20th Annual Gala Benefit, this Saturday, April 30th, The Rock School sat in during a Curtis Institute Rehearsal last week. For the third consecutive year, The Rock School and the Curtis Institute will be collaborating an original composition with original choreography that will be showcased at the annual Rock School Benefit.

Curtis student Gabriella Smith has composed a dramatic piece featuring two percussionists and two grand pianos! Rock School faculty and Rock West Ballet Mistress Jennifer Wheat has created beautiful choreography for our dancers to follow that will accompany Smith’s music.

Stay tuned. Later this week, the Curtis musicians and composer Gabriella Smith will be rehearsing in The Rock School studios with our dancers and choreographer Jennifer Wheat.

Please enjoy photos from the Curtis/ Rock School collaboration rehearsal below:

Composer - Gabriella Smith turns the pages for one of her pianists